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Video Information Processing Policy

RAMADA BY WYNDHAM GUMI HOTEL Video Information Processing Policy.

Article 1 The grounds for installation and the purpose of installation of visual data processing devices
RAMADA BY WYNDHAM GUMI HOTEL installs and operates information processing devices for the following purposes in accordance with Article 25-1 of the Personal Information Protection Act.
- Facility safety and fire prevention
- Prevent crimes for customer safety
※ If the number of parking lots exceeds 30, it can be installed and operated based on Article 6 (1) of the Enforcement Rules of the Parking Lot Act.

Article 2 Number of Installments, Location of Installments, and CCTV range

Number of Installments Locations
2,749 Lobby, Parking Entrance, Office, etc.

Article 3 Person in charge of management and information access authorization
We have below person as in charge of personal video information protection in order to protect your privacy and process your complaints regarding personal video information.

In-Charge Organization Name Position Contact#
Information Management Ramada by Wyndham Gumi Chris Yongsuk Cho General Manager +82-54-479-9000

Article 4 Consignment of handling video information processing
Ramada by Wyndham Gumi consigns the handling of video information processing equipment as follows for the implementation of the service, and the consignment contract stipulates necessary matters to ensure that personal information can be safely managed in accordance with relevant laws.

Name of Place Task Consignor
Ramada by Wyndham Gumi CCTV Management Proscom

Article 5. Shooting time, data storage period, storage place, and method of processing

Shooting time Storage period Storage place
24 hours Within 30 days from the shooting Department in charge of CCTV monitoring
Method of processing : Records and management of requests for non-purpose use of personal image information, provision to a third party, destruction, and viewing, and permanent deletion (shredding or incineration in the case of printouts) in a way that cannot be restored when the storage period expires.

Article 6 Matters concerning methods and places of identification of personal video information;
- How to check : You can check it by contacting the hotel's access authority in advance.
- Location of confirmation: department where CCTV can be viewed (safety room, etc.)

Article 7 Measures for requests made by information subjects, such as viewing video information, etc.
If you want to view, confirm, or delete personal video information, you can request the operator of the video information processing device at any time. However, it is limited to the personal video information you filmed and obviously to the personal video information necessary for the immediate life, body, and property interests of the information subject.
We will take necessary measures without delay if we request to view, confirm or delete personal video information.

Article 8 Measures for Securing the Safety of Image Information
The video information processed by this company is safely managed through encryption measures. The company also provides differential access to personal information as a management measure for the protection of personal video information, and records and manages the date and time of creation of personal video information, purpose of viewing, reader, and date of viewing in order to prevent forgery and alteration of personal video information. In addition, we are installing a lock for safe physical storage of personal video information.

Article 9 Matters concerning the change of personal information processing policies
This video information processing device operation and management policy was enacted on August 19, 2014, and if there is any addition, deletion or modification of the contents due to changes in statutes, policies or security technologies, we will notify the reasons for the change and the details through the company's website at least 7 days prior to its implementation.

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